E. Coli Theory of Human Knowledge

Sunday, April 24, 2011 2:14 PM

The E. coli Flask theory of human behavior:

It is interesting to me to see that despite our ability, as a species, to analyze, chart, and predict the growth and demise of a liquid culture of bacteria, we don’t seem to be able to prevent ourselves from following the exact same growth curve or our human “culture” in this large flask we call Earth:  Exponential growth while resources are plentiful, a tapering off to level as resources decline, destructive competition for limited resources, and a final dying off as waste toxins accumulate.

Sound familiar?

Sections of Nicolescu's essay, "Gurdjieff's Philosophy of Nature" (see comments page) and the Needleman quote:

“Western science has operated for centuries on the assumption that we can understand the universe without understanding ourselves. We are just now seeking to make the necessary connection between the general laws of nature with those of our own (inner) nature. But the job won't be done with "massive injections of the new consciousness"; we cannot democratize the sacred by cheapening its demands. “

 express the same idea as my "e. Coli flask" theory,  my analogy of being able to study a growth curve and analyze the process, but not be able to stop it.  

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